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Anonymous asked: Can a blow-job cause a cancer? I mean throat cancer?

Nope. Skin on skin is ok and semen is a healthy drink

Anonymous asked: The guy that I'm currently sleeping with takes a long time to come when I go down on him and my jaw gets sore. I take small breaks and just lick it from bottom to top and use my hands a bit. What else could I do in between during those breaks?

Use your hands a lot more. Just get his dick a little wetter when you plan to start stroking him. Licking and sucking the sensitive spot at the back of his head will get him close very fast.

But most important is that both of you know when he is trying to cum. So let him know when you gird
St go down that you are just going to play. Both of you can relax and enjoy. Have him tell you when he wants you to suck him off. Your mouth will be fresh and he will be trying to cum fast too. He will cum even faster if you tell him to cum in your mouth.

Anonymous asked: Hey! I want to ask, can a women got pregnant by pre-cum if a guy is not going inside. He just moving his penis between, but pre-cum is coming out. But he comes outside (tissue; blowjob; on tits)? Thank u!

Precum can have lots of lives sperm. Even just having his penis touch the outside of the pussy may be enough. Precum tastes good so have him keep it up by your mouth!,

Anonymous asked: How do I ask my boyfriend to go down on me? I love watching these videos and I wanna try it. We watch porn together before having sex & I really want to do this with him.

You didn’t say if you give blowjobs, but I assume you do.  And as a general proposition, if you’re doing that he should be returning the favor.  So, I see three opitions:  1) next time you are giving head make some adjustments to turn it into 69;  2)  get on top as if you are going to ride him, but move on up and staddle his face for a minute instead;  3)  ask him to give you a long erotic massage and after about 10 minutes HE will be so turned on that your request to “eat me” wont be ignored.

Anonymous asked: Hey! I need advice. Umh, there's this guy & I'm in love with, we started to flirt & he wanted to have sex with me but I was afraid bc I'm a virgin. So we had oral sex & he knows I can squirt bc I told him (I know it bc I can make myself squirt) & he was like "oh that's fine, you can do it, you don't have to control it" but when I was with him I couldn't do it. I couldn't let it go on the sofa or the bed, I had to go to the bathroom & then letting it go by myself. How can I just let this go?

It will happen when it happens.  Sounds like he’s not stressed about it, so don’t worry about it.  Only two important things:  1) you’re in love so enjoy that and 2) be safe and have fun.   We all tend to over-think things.  Just enjoy.

Anonymous asked: I have a big clit and I'm really self conscious over it. I'm scared my bf will be turned off by it. I feel like I look odd :(

He’s not going to think twice about it.  He’s going to be so happy that you are letting him play down there that the little details of size and shape aren’t going to matter to him  Rather than shaving close, you might consider the “strip” so you get some coverage up on top.  And, guys often struggle finding the clit, so having one a bit more prominent may not be all bad!!   Just like you, he likely has issues about his own size, performance, premature ejaculation, and all those things guys stress over.  So, just work on the relationship and the other stuff will just work itself out

Anonymous asked: My bf and I are getting really serious. I've never had sex, been fingered or anything at all. I'm really nervous bc I'm tight and I'm scared he won't be able to do much or it will hurt. And does it hurt when you lose your virginity? :(

When you do decide to get physical, I think keeping it manual for a while has a lot of benefit.  Have the “I don’t want to rush into this” chat with him, but let him know that you do want to start getting sexy with him.  Get a bottle of good water-based lube (astroglide is great) and get good at giving a handjob.  You will not only get to know his size, but you will get him used to using lubricant.  Get a bf-sized dildo and practice on yourself   And, encourage his fingers to figure out how to get you off.  So, when sex-time comes, you are confident he will fit, and he can put on a condom and put some lube on it.  It should fit nicely.  If you have done some pre-stretching with a dildo or vibrator, and use lube on the outside of the condum, even the first time should be comfortable.  And, most guys are understanding of the first time, and will be slow, too.

Thoughtful for her to give a little nipple tweak

Thoughtful for her to give a little nipple tweak

I am afraid those pants will need to go to the cleaners tomorrow.

I am afraid those pants will need to go to the cleaners tomorrow.