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Thoughtful for her to give a little nipple tweak

Thoughtful for her to give a little nipple tweak

I am afraid those pants will need to go to the cleaners tomorrow.

I am afraid those pants will need to go to the cleaners tomorrow.

Anonymous asked: Ok. So, I'm not the thinnest girl around and when I masturbate I have to use two hands. One to spread and one to work. I'm not obese or anything, I think I just collect a lot of fat down there. I'm really scared that a guy is going to be turned off by that once I lose my virginity. Also, I REALLY want to be eaten out, but I'm scared he wouldn't be able to. I feel like I'm exaggerating it a lot, but it's my fears that come with larger lips.

It’s, pretty usual to need to hands.  Even when a woman turns the controls over to a guy it takes two of his hands, or often you will continue to help keep things open and in the right place while he does his thing.  Lips come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors.  Just like guys’ dicks come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors.  The guy is going to worry about you thinking it is too short/small/pink or whatever. So everyone is worried about how their parts look.  But none of that matters.  If its the right relationship, and it feels right to get physical, than none of that matters.   And, BTW, lots of guys like the look of larger lips, anyway.  

Anonymous asked: What common household things can I (female) use while masturbating? I'm looking for something new.

Thanks for the question.  But someone with a pussy is probably better at answering!!  But, assuming you have explored every way to have fun with fingers, then here’s my list:

Electric toothbrush (the backside of the brush is nice on a side of the hood)

Hairbrush handle (hard smooth plastic)

Any penis-sizeed vegetable.  

Shower head on flexible hose

Jet on hot tub

fingers with different lubes and lotions

Anonymous asked: Where can I find good porn?

Ahhh.  the best porn is in your mind.  but if your mind needs ideas, I like xhamster and youporn for videos.  

Anonymous asked: I'm a girl and only recently sexually active. The guy I'm seeing sometimes asks me to squirt on him... But I don't know how. Is it something I should do naturally or Am I not getting turned on properly or what??

The popular press has made “squirting” something that means a guy has pleased you.  So, on the plus side, it shows that he wants to make sure he is doing you well.  But, it is just not realistic to expect that as a regular response.  And it is not something that you can really control.  Mostly, squirting is about stimulating you in a way that fills up your urethral sponge with something like precum.  When you spasm, that shoots out.  But, its just not something that happens easily, and many women just don’t respond that way.  

So the good news is he wants to make sure you are feeling good.  So help him do that.  Help him find all your good spots with his fingers.  Let him know what gets you off, and make sure you are having good O’s.  He should feel great if he is getting you to orgasm.  That is what matters.

Anonymous asked: Can you give me any advice for the girl on top position? My boyfriend loves it when I get on top but I'm both not very good and not very confident. Help?

Cowgirl is a fantastic position, and gives you a lot of control over the sensations you get. It is also good as you get to control the pace and intensity of the session.  But, its got a couple complexities.  

First, you control the thrusts, so sometimes you lift too high and his dick falls out, or you are too conservative and you don’t get the fun full-stroke effect.  Best way to deal with this is to get him all the way in, and then lift up slowly until just his head is in.  Then do several quick up and downs, but just on the head.  Then, make sure the head is in, pause for about a full second, and then drive down hard.  Lift and repeat.  You will have a much easier time just fucking the head (which he will like alot), and he will still get the great feeling of a full thrust.  

Second, if you have shorter legs, or he is a large guy, then you may have difficulty getting up high enough to get the right angle.  You might have to do it more from a squat position (but that takes some coordination!).  Or easier, lay flat on his stomach and slide yourself up and down his body with him in you.

BTW, its an easy move from the cowgirl position to straddling his face so he can do some eating.