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Anonymous said: Yesterday my boyfriend was fingering me and teasing me and telling me he was going to eat me out and make me scream and then a few minutes later he stopped fingering me so I asked him if he was going to lick me out and he said no, I was just teasing you. Like I don't think that's very fair especially since it's been like 3 months since I last got kicked out and he promised he would do it

Umm. You are too kind in calling it “unfair.”  It seems mean, actually.  I certainly hope you are not giving him blowjobs. If he’s worth keeping, let him know that bothered you.  He needs to treat you better.


To Have And To Fuck - Sandy Sweet

I like that she has coordinated her lipstick with his head color.  Very nice.


To Have And To Fuck - Sandy Sweet

I like that she has coordinated her lipstick with his head color.  Very nice.

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Anonymous said: How to get a g spot orgasm?¿

Patience.  And lots of practice.  And not everyone can O with the g-spot.  but it should feel good, even without Oing.  Put a finger in, facing up, and press and make small circles on the top wall, pressing up at about the spot that the shaft enters your body.  Move your finger to different places, and keep concentrating on keeping your “pee” muscel totally relaxed.  If you find it, it should feel good, and you might get the sensation of having to pee.  

Anonymous said: I'm going out with my FWB tonight, I'm new to the whole oral thing. How do I give him a blow job that is enjoyable for him?

All blowjobs are good.  Blowjobs are more about attitude than technique. If he sees that you are enthusiastic and having fun, it will be one of the best he has ever had.  Eye contact, smiles, comments on how big he is, all are great.  Play with his balls.  And his nipples.  And then just have fun sucking on it.  Use your hands quite a bit so your mouth doesn’t tire.  

Anonymous said: Hey! I love your blog. Especially since I'm not with my boyfriend anymore haha. I've been masturbating a lot lately and whenever I cum, I think I'm peeing. Even when I pee before I masturbate, it kinda smells like pee. Is there anyway I can prevent this? So in the future when a guy goes down on me I don't piss in his mouth??

Most likely that is pre-cum from stimulation of your g-spot.  As the g-spot gets stimulated, the uretheral sponge that surrounds it gets filled with a pre-cum-like fluid.  It can be clear or somewhat cloudy.  As you get more stimulated, it will feel just like you have to go to the bathroom.  But, concentrate on keeping that anti-pee muscle relaxed, and you will get a good g-spot orgasm, complete with liquid.  If you have gone to the bathroom just before jilling, then you have a responsive g-spot.  Just give the guy some warning.  And if you are self consicous, have him work mostly up high on the clit with his mouth, and use his finger inside.  

Anonymous said: Whenever my boyfriend eats me out he looks at it in a certain way that ive never seen him do before and i cantsee what hes seing so i dont know what hes thinking he says he loves eating me out but i dont know?

Vaginas are a mystery to the male mind.  You’ve had years trying to figure it out, and most woman don’t know that much about them either!!  So he is mostly just trying to figure out what he can do with all the parts to make you feel better.  Feel free to get you finger down there and help him find what you like.

Anonymous said: I like being on top but i feel uncomfortable with how i look any advice on how to get over it?

Very few people are thrilled with the way they look naked.  Sure, there are some, but not all that many.  But, if you are on top, and parts are being stimulated, the last thing he’s doing is judging the way you look.  In fact, he is loving it.  If you are still self-conscious, wear an open man’s dress shirt. Preferably cotton, nicely ironed, with long sleeves.   You can leave it fully open, of just partially, depending on your comfort level.  And, you can also keep on a pair of cute thigh-high socks.  But now we are getting into my fantasies!!  Most guys really like having sex with a partially clothed woman.  So use that to your advantage.

Anonymous said: I've been masturbating for 3 years, almost always lying on my stomach, but touching my clit can't make me climax. I just like push from outside my underwear and clench my muscles, it's the only way. Does it mean I won't be able to come during sex?

Orgasms are caused by clit stimulation.  As I’ve written before, the clit is very big, and has a head, a hood, and legs that extend along the inner vag walls.  What I think is happening is that you need indirect (maybe very indirect) stimulation.  If you get off with indirect stimulation, that will make it even easier to O at sex, which normally only provides indirect stimulation (pulling the hood back and forth over the clit head.)  So, you should be good.  I would guess that your head is super sensitive, and it overwhelms your nerves right now.  With slow and complete aurosal, that can change, too.

Anonymous said: i love it when my boy licks my vagina, but how do i get him to use his whole mouth instead of just his tongue and to change his rhythm and what he's doing?

(1) Ask;  (2) Push his head in the desired direction and moan;  (3) Say “suck my pussy and I’ll let you cum in my mouth”

You have alot of control by moving your hips and moving his head.  If you are on top, you can straddle his face and get pretty much any kind of stimulation you. want.  But, most guys want to please, so the easy thing is just to tell him.

Anonymous said: Is it normal to climax only by rubbing your self . I mean I do love sex but I feel like it's the only Way I climax

Yes.  Many women need manual stimulation to cum.  Even during sex.  It can be done by the guy, the woman, or both. As long as you cum you are doing it rignt!!